Why is Coffee Fundraising better for your group?

A Coffee Fundraiser: More Profit, Less Headache!

You need to raise money by selling a product, but you're facing THREE BIG PROBLEMS:

Problem 1. SAME OLD PRODUCTS: You know that donors are tired of buying the same old products, and won't be convinced to buy more cookie dough, pizza, or candy again. The product has to sell itself.

Problem 2NOT SIMPLE TO MANAGE:Volunteers need something simple to do, and you need something simple to manage. You don't want a fundraiser to be more trouble than it's worth.

Problem 3LOW PROFITS AND INITIAL INVESTMENT RISKS: You're worried you can't make enough profit on each sale, or that you'll need to risk an initial investment to make money.

We understand fundraising

We know fundraising can be a headache. That's why we have developed a coffee fundraiser that makes it easy to raise lots of money for your cause. We've helped many different organizations sell mouth-watering coffee to donors who rave about how delicious it is!

Imagine the best fundraiser

Imagine the ideal fundraising product. It would earn a high profit, convince donors to buy, and be simple to manage. What if your fundraiser could do all that plus generate a positive buzz? When donors talk to their friends about how much they loved the product, that's when you know you did it right!

Why coffee is great

Our coffee fundraiser is an excellent way to reach your goal. Here's why:

  • Our quality Coffee is delicious yet inexpensive, so you keep more profit on each sale.

  • People love a unique fundraiser. Novelty means more sales for you!

  • Everybody loves coffee! Our Coffee is a 100% Arabica Coffees. Bird Friendly, Fair Trade Coffee, Shade Grown, and Kosher Certified.

  • Show off your team, logo, school, church, or club with custom artwork!